Here’s one from the early days of Pastor John Samuel Barnett’s Q&A series. The great thing is that when they are tied to the Word of God, the answers don’t change. So as we approach Resurrection Day, what are we looking forward to? What will the New Heavens and the New Earth look like?
(2012JAN29 – Q&A-08)

Pastor John Samuel Barnett teaches on a very practical and much needed subject. What does hearing the voice of God actually sound like? On top of that, how can I be sure it’s God’s voice that I’m hearing?
(2014JUL27 – Q&A-73)

Hermeneutics is the area of study of how one interprets the Bible. Today, Pastor John Samuel Barnett is going to cover that topic in general and will use the white horse of Revelation in specific.
(2013APR28 – Q&A-35)

This week will be a short week due to Good Friday and Easter. In light of that, the next four days will consist of some Q&As that might not get brought up as they relate to the other devotional messages. So enjoy these as we culminate in the remembrance of our Lord and our God’s sacrifice and resurrection to save us from our sins.

Here’s a topic that might be a bit more relevant with current events. What does the Bible say about Israel of today, Russia, and the Arab world? Pastor John Samuel Barnett answers that question.
(2013JAN27 – Q&A-29)

This week Pastor John Samuel Barnett encouraged us to actively take up our shield, our helmet, and our sword in times where we are under attack from Satan. God is our source of help in times of trouble.Today’s Q&A is short and answers the question about other times we seek help, particularly – are we able to take the advice of unbeliever’s or is that forbidden in God’s Word?
(2014DEC28 – Q&A-83)

When we step out into the sun we don’t actively take in its heat and rays and light. When we wade out into a lake we don’t actively take on the water and get wet. Our body involuntary is designed to breathe and digest and do a thousand other things.

When we come to saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, we see how much our God and Savior sovereignly and actively chooses to do for His glory. And being made in the image of God, in our faith we actively are called to take up our armor and shield and sword. Today, Pastor John Samuel Barnett shows us what we can actively do with the armor of God when faced with trials and temptations and attacks.
(From 2016JUL31 – SWS-26 – Extinusihed or Burning – How to Resist the Evil One’s Attacks)

Because Christ has won victory over sin and death, we could be tempted to treat the flaming arrows of Satan as benign objects that aren’t worth caring about. When we do this, one would say against clear evidence of it not being the case, we can fall into self-reliance and trust ourselves in hubris. Pastor John Samuel Barnett warns us about the dangers of the weapons’ of the enemy but also that our sound trust is to be placed in being of God and His work.
(From 2016JUL31 – SWS-26 – Extinusihed or Burning – How to Resist the Evil One’s Attacks)

As Christians, we still live in a fallen world and face temptations and bad habits from our old life. We are told to take up our cross DAILY and follow Christ. In that following we come under attack. We show ourselves to be a threat to the enemy of Satan. Sometimes we feel like we are being closed in and hope is diminishing. What do we do in those instances? Pastor John Samuel Barnett provides guidance from the Lord’s Word on what to do. 2016JUL24 – SWS-25 – The Simple-Faith Shield that Works Each Time We Use It)

This week we’ll be looking at the attacks Satan makes on us and what God does to extinguish them especially with focus on the helmet of salvation. Today, Pastor John Samuel Barnett provides the general overview on how we see God extinguishing Satan’s attacks.
(From 2016JUL24 – SWS-25 – The Simple-Faith Shield that Works Each Time We Use It)

This week, we saw how important it is for believers to not seclude themselves in a vacuum whose seal is broken only on Sundays. We are constantly to seek other believers out and check them out and check in with them. This is how we help ourselves and others grow in the faith God has given us. So for this week’s Q&A, Pastor John Samuel Barnett gives us the context for when we should confess our sins to one another in the church.
(2012OCT21 – Q&A-22)

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