If you can remember back to your time in school you might have heard about an experiment known as Pavlov’s dog. The experiment consisted, for the most part, teaching a dog to associate the ringing of a bell with the presentation of food. This was done over and over again. Bell would ring, the dog could come and show signs of hunger, and he’d be fed food. Bell, food. Bell, food. Bell, food. Finally, at the end, Pavlov would ring the bell without food or not during feeding times and the dog would exhibit signs of hunger. This became known as classical conditioning.

Not to take the example to the full extreme, but our discipleship relationship should be like that of Pavlov and his dog when it comes to The Bible and daily situations. We should disciple in such a way that anytime a daily situation occurs, the other person should salivate to turn to God’s Word of guidance and sustainability. All Christians should feed on God’s Word so that we develop a habit of responding.

Being Word fed is the topic Pastor John Samuel Barnett covers today concerning discipleship.

(From 2015JAN11 – FTF-15 – Face2Face Discipleship – 7 Habits Of Highly Useful Believers)