Marcionism is a 2nd century heresy that says the God of the Old Testament was not the same God in the New Testament. The OT God is a lower god than the one in the NT. Many people today don’t know what Marcionism is but many people claim something of the same lines. Usually it’s in the form of the OT God is meaner than the NT God.
However, those people are ignorant of the further revelation of God the Father by His Son, Jesus Christ in the New Testament. Today, Pastor John Samuel Barnett shows that Jesus continues the lesson of self-sacrifice that is presented first in the Old Testament and presents it further in the New Testament. Only Jesus is Lord and we have no authority to edit God’s Word but must accept and believe the “whole counsel of God”. Let us hear Him speak to us through His Word today.
(From 2015FEB15 – FTF-20 – What Happens When We Forget To Seek First The Rule Of God Over Our Life Each Day)