Psalm 23. Probably one of the most well known psalm. In our Bible reading we may briefly glance at it due to it’s short length and our familiarity.
Yet, what happens when we look at the passage relationally; between ourselves and God. Yes, we can read it and see the great benefit we have when follow God. But when we look at the very middle of the chapter we see that the sovereignty of God is proclaimed throughout the entirety of the Bible. God does everything “for His name’s sake”. Not for our comfort. Not for our glory. Not because He loves us. All of those are true, yes; but it is God who deserves to be the center and for us to fall to our knees and proclaim Him sovereign of our lives and over all things.
Will you fear or will you fear not? Enjoy the next installment of Pastor John Samuel Barnett‘s “David’s Life In The Psalms – Lessons From The Holy Land”.