The Christian life is one of balance and the balance of one’s theology is included in that.

We are not to exist with a mindset of hyper grace where we can do anything without regret because we are completely forgiven of all our sins. We are not to exist with a mindset that since God has ordained all things that we are suppose to sit idly by since what will happen will happen.

God has entered into a relationship with us. While we are forgiven in Christ, we are also to do His Will. While God has ordained all things before the creation of the world, we are still able to use prayer, evangelism, and good works to carry out His decrees.

Christians are to be secure in their salvation by a life evidenced by increasing good works and an increasing understanding of God’s work. Pastor John Samuel Barnett teaches on that very subject.
(From From 2015DEC06 – SWS-04 – Are We Enjoying The Kind, Tender, Forgiving Life That God Gave To Us Believers)