A job a young person can have in the farmland of America is detasseling corn. Waking up early in the morning in the wet and cold and staying through to the hot noon sun. Those who have experienced it know that by the end of the day you are both cold and wet and dirty and dry. The best feeling in the world is getting out of the dirty, crusted clothes and into a clean shirt, warm pants, and dry socks.

Salvation is like that invigorating change from the old to the new. And as Pastor John Samuel Barnett explains, the life of the Christian is characterized by the constraint stripping of the old behaviors like bitterness and changing into the life and response of Jesus Christ.

(From 2015DEC13 – SWS-05 – How Are You Dressed Spiritually – Clothed With Christ’s Compassion & Rid Of Any Bitterness)