If you’ve ever seen the movie “Silkwood” there are several scenes in which a character is found to be contaminated with radioactive material. What happens is that a quick response strike team comes in and gets rid of all the clothes, gets rid of all the possessions, hoses the person down, washes them, scrubs them down until their skin is raw. Then they re-test the person and do it all over again if necessary. Why? Because the radioactive material is so harmful for that person and the possibility of spreading the contamination.

Paul, in God’s Word, inspired believers in the Ephesian church to carry out this type of complete response to their sinful, pagan materials. Pastor John Samuel Barnett provides us with Paul’s message and the reason for that type of response.

(From 2016FEB28 – SWS-14 – Are You Getting Ready To Stand in the Evil Days Ahead)