Hope has come to mean something completely different today than what the Bible defines it as. Hope has come to just mean “wish”. In history, men of war have “wished” in every battle – wished to succeed. Julius Caesar wished to defeated the greater numbered army of Pompey during the Battle of Pharsalus. He happened to succeed. Hannibal wished to cross the Alps to gain strategic advantage over Rome’s territory. He happened to succeed. The Allies wished for the successful invasion of Normandy beach to establish a main point to press German troops on the European mainland. They wished in battle because hope is a term of relationship.

Christians can hope in defeating every temptation they endure because of their relationship in the sovereign God of The Bible. Pastor John Samuel Barnett encourages us to fight against every temptation because of that hope – not a simple wish.

(From 2016MAR06 – SWS-15 – How to Prepare Believers to Wrestle & Stand Against the Darkness of this Age)