On June 5, 1989, the whole world watched as a plain-clothed man holding two shopping bags halted a column of four tanks during the Tiananmen Square Protest. It is an amazing picture that captured the sentimentality of the situation. The people asking for reform and the government who wants to consolidate their power. In the end, the government with their tanks ended up killing close to 1,000 of their own people. Yet, the man who stood and stopped a group of tanks did not seem to waver in an almost apolitical and humanitarian stance.

Christians are to exhibit this type of peaceful resolve. Pastor John Samuel Barnett instructs us from God’s Word that Jesus keeps His disciples in a peace where we are able to stand up against the real power of this world.

(From 2016MAY22 – SWS-20 – Why Do We as Believers Sometimes Lack God’s Perfect Peace in Our Daily Lives)