The best selling, widest distributed book of all time is the key. God has spoken. His words are recorded. His Book, the Bible is the only book–of any religion of any peoples on Earth that has prophecy. This book is unique in that God has mapped out specific events in the future. Only the Living and True God of Heaven and Earth has ever dared to say, “Let me tell you the future”. In fact, He said that was the way you could know that He was real, and that you and I could place our faith and trust in Him. This morning may I introduce you to the God who can be trusted. The God who has proven that He alone is God? Why do Bible believing saints LOVE prophecy? Open with me to Isaiah 41.23 and see what the Lord has said. PROPHECY IS THE TEST TO SHOW WHO IS GOD. 1. ONLY GOD ACCURATELY KNOWS THE FUTURE. Isaiah 41:23 Show the things that are to come hereafter, That we may know that you are gods; Yes, do good or do evil, That we may be dismayed and see it together. PROPHECY PROVES GOD IS REAL. WNS-01 – When is The End of the World (050109AM) Join the LAND OF THE BOOK channel to get access to weekly video releases over the next year totaling 50+ EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS that feature weekly in-depth Bible Study lessons with John & Bonnie. Plus all the assigned HOLY LAND STUDY RESOURCES, and John’s two most loved books–David’s Spiritual Secret & Living Hope for the End of Days at: Follow Discover the Book Ministries to stay up to date: Facebook: DTBM Academy Courses: Purchase John’s Books, Mp3 & DVD resources: E-Books: Here are links to our Amazon Pages– Donate to the ministry: For more of Dr. John Barnett’s Bible teaching messages go to:

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