It’s probably safe to say that you’ve been in a situation where you’ve hurt someone and have desired to apologize and seek their forgiveness. The steps involved in this process are sometimes as painful as slowly pulling off a band-aid from an open cut on a hair arm.

You have to first overcome your pride and humble yourself. You have to find the right words to convey the situation and your grief. You then have to approach them and then, on top of that, you actually have to speak to them. Once you’ve done the deed, the bad part then is they have to choose to forgive you and the conversation that might follow might be a process that is talked out. And the person still might not even forgive you and the relationship could possibly be hurt forever or for a long time.

When we open the gift of forgiveness that God gives the amazing thing is that we desire to humble ourselves and confess our wrongdoings. We pray to God and ask for His forgiveness. And God, being who He is, forgives us fully. And if that isn’t awesome, He doesn’t hold any of our sins against us – we stand un-condemned before Him.

Pastor John Samuel Barnett talks about the experience we have in being forgiven and living un-condemned lives in the presence of the Almighty.
(From 2014DEC28 – FTF-13 – Opening & Enjoying the Greatest Christmas Gift Of All – The One God G)