Have you ever been given a gift by someone and didn’t know if it was ok to open it right away or not. Maybe your birthday wasn’t for another two days or you didn’t want to seem greedy by opening it so soon or maybe you were scared that the gift was going to be bad. It may have taken the gift giver slightly prodding you to give you the OK to open the gift.

Today, some of us have yet to open the biggest gift God gives us and some of us have torn it open and are willing to help others to open their gifts faster. The gift of forgiveness provided by God is the ultimate gift we could ever receive. Make sure you are responding to the Gift Giver’s call to open the gift and, if need be, ask those who have already opened theirs for help.

Pastor John Samuel Barnett discusses what this gift entails and what to do with this ultimate gift bestowed on a sinner saved by grace.

(From 2014DEC28 – FTF-13 – Opening & Enjoying the Greatest Christmas Gift Of All – The One God Gave)