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The cross is the central peak of space, time, history, and everything. The Law had been fulfilled and the perfection of salvation had come. But what of those who lived and died before the time of the cross and what exactly happens when those “AD” experience death.

For this week’s Q&A, Pastor John Samuel Barnett answers the question.
(From 2016AUG28 – Q&A-120)

Who has an easy life? The rich have their problems and so does the poor. The Americans have their problems and so does the Russian. Those that work in the morning and those that work at night. Those without kids and those who have. The healthy and the sick.

When a person becomes a Christian, there isn’t a magical aura that envelopes you and keeps you from troubles. In fact, when becoming a Christian you switch sides and make an enemy of a pretty nefarious character. No longer are we children of Satan but children of the Mighty God. Thus we come under spiritual attack. And like all the different types of people above, the Christian faces problems.

But where can we turn to that could make a difference. Pastor John Samuel Barnett opens God’s Word to show us the one and best place to go when facing an attack.
(From 2015NOV15 – SWS-02 – What Is Spiritual Warfare And Why Do We Need Armor)

We slide back in to the ever popular Q&A Friday, with Pastor John Samuel Barnett giving us practical implications on how we can combat the overabundance of information in our daily lives.
(From 2016JUL31 – Q&A-118)

At the time of this writing, Pastor John Samuel Barnett is teaching on the Armor of God in his Spiritual Warfare Series. Prayer is a tool that God gives the disciple to use in his/her fight. With respect with the Lord’s Prayer, God reveals that what we need in our life is to worship, consecrate, submit, and rely on God on a daily basis.
(From 2015NOV08 – SWS-01 – Unleashing the Lord’s Prayer into Changing My Life Today)

Pastor John Samuel Barnett closes out this week standing in a city square that was the place of a slave trade. We are reminded that we are always a slave. We are either a wild person, a hater of God, and a slave to our sin and the son/daughter to the devil. Or we are a slave to God, devoted to Him, and – here’s the biggest difference – adopted by God as one of His own Children. Let us choose to follow the one who gives us freedom from our old master and calls us one of His own.
Romans 1 tells us that all men, everywhere worship something. We worship either things made with hands and corruptible images/worthless things or we worship the incomputable true God who reveals Himself in nature, in our own image, and who ultimately revealed Himself in the life and work of Jesus Christ.
Today, Pastor John Samuel Barnett is in Geshur among the “high places” of pagan worship mentioned throughout the Old Testament. His challenge is to break apart your false worship and rend in two your reliance on anything but the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth!
Pastor John Samuel Barnett teaches in Chorazin about how Jesus Christ knows what happens, what will happen, and what could have happened. We can take solace in that fact. When we are trouble, when we fear, we we are low in hope – we know that all things work together for good to those who trust in God.
We start a new series from Pastor John Samuel Barnett‘s teaching trips to the Holy Land. Here is his series of Walking In Christ’s Footsteps in Biblical Jerusalem & Galilee.
Today, Pastor Barnett talks about what it means to be devoted to Jesus Christ and His message of salvation.
Pastor John Samuel Barnett is outside the gates of Jerusalem by the Mount of Olives. Pastor Barnett teaches on how our actions are credited to us by God.
Pastor John Samuel Barnett teaches on the shores where Peter was found fishing by the Resurrected Christ and teaches on what God wants us to do when we find life confusing – trust in the Lord and lean not on your own understanding.
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