Who has an easy life? The rich have their problems and so does the poor. The Americans have their problems and so does the Russian. Those that work in the morning and those that work at night. Those without kids and those who have. The healthy and the sick.

When a person becomes a Christian, there isn’t a magical aura that envelopes you and keeps you from troubles. In fact, when becoming a Christian you switch sides and make an enemy of a pretty nefarious character. No longer are we children of Satan but children of the Mighty God. Thus we come under spiritual attack. And like all the different types of people above, the Christian faces problems.

But where can we turn to that could make a difference. Pastor John Samuel Barnett opens God’s Word to show us the one and best place to go when facing an attack.

(From 2015NOV15 – SWS-02 – What Is Spiritual Warfare And Why Do We Need Armor)