Today’s charismatic movement stems from the incessant desire to try and have God speak to us in audible form, in visions, in dreams, in new revelation. This need overshadows and subverts all other needs or desires. Is this a bad thing, if true? Isn’t the status of the Christian spoken of as a relationship between us and God? Isn’t a healthy relationship built on good communication?

The thing is, God not only has spoken but He continues to speak and He was the first one to speak. In Timothy Keller’s excellent book “Prayer” he says, “Prayer is continuing a conversation that God has started through His Word and His Grace, which eventually becomes a full encounter with Him.”

The Bible over and over states and demonstrates that what God has revealed in His Word is the start and end of all the conversation we could ever need. It is God who says that we need to be audible with Him.

Pastor John Samuel Barnett expands on the fact that God has indeed spoken and He has done so ultimately through His Word and we hear Him today.
(From From 2014DEC21 – FTF-12 – Joseph & Mary – God’s Communication Methods And How God Chooses To Communicate To Guide Us Today)