Have you ever been so sick before that you just don’t feel like yourself? You find yourself waving off food that you would gladly scarf down any other day. You don’t engage in conversations and shy away from people. You can’t think right, you can’t walk right, you can’t even work your body right. Then you’re forsaken by your friends and colleagues. They tell you to go home and stay home. You are not welcome. You are unclean.

Then after some help and a good night sleep you wake up and feel like a new person. Both nostrils are able to take in air. You don’t feel like your head is a balloon floating above your body. Food tastes like your tasting it for the first time. And your friends are finally welcoming you back from your time of shunning. The change is so drastic you can literally feel it.

While a pale comparison, Pastor John Samuel Barnett teaches that the gift of salvation operates on being made a whole new creation. You are regenerated to something new and better and you are recognciled to God above.

(From 2014DEC28 – FTF-13 – Opening & Enjoying the Greatest Christmas Gift Of All – The One God Gave)