If you ever watch professional body builders you know that what they put themselves through can be intense. If they think they don’t have enough definition in their legs they will concentrate of doing squats and other leg exercises. If they need more energy to work out harder they gorge on beneficial food. If they notice an untidy midsection they cut even more sugar and introduce consuming more fats. They are like military snipers who are able to pinpoint the problem area and eliminate it for their physique. The adopt this personal to help their performance.

Once God adopts us into His family, we are able to see the problem areas in our life. We see the sin spots and are able to target them using God’s Word as our work out weight. We’re able to purge areas of our life we stumble with. We keep working at God’s call for a believer’s life to be marked by holiness.

Today, Pastor John Samuel Barnett goes over this process of sanctification when we are adopted by God.

(From 2014DEC28 – FTF-13 – Opening & Enjoying the Greatest Christmas Gift Of All – The One God Gave)