The famous apologist James White has a well known saying that “theology matters”. Christians today sometimes has a hard time with this. Some believe that there is a minimum number of facts you have to believe in to get your label of the saved. Some people believe that doctrine divides and that theology is only for theologians. Some believe that it’s not important, only that you believe sincerely.
Isn’t that like saying that what you learned in 3rd grade math is good enough? You learned your four parts of math, some people study different forms of math, some people study really high levels of math, and as long as it works for you there’s no need to go further.
Doesn’t our ability to understand the world, to use better operations of math, and our growth in higher forms of math get us into a better place where we can understand more and use it more and be more comfortable with it? Doesn’t that also apply with God?
The more we study the infinite God, the better our prayer life becomes. We learn about God’s lordship and we realize he’s not a genie in a bottle whose there to grant wishes. His sovereignty shows that we can pray for the really big and the really small stuff. His omnipresence shows us that we can pray anywhere and any time. And on and on.
Pastor John Samuel Barnett shows us the need to know God more so that our prayer life may flourish.
(From 2015JAN25 – FTF-17 – How To Connect With God – By Focusing Upon Who He Is)