Today, Pastor John Samuel Barnett warns about things that may cause us to drift away from seeking God first.
We can probably think of big examples that would do this. We can think of jobs that require working 14 hour days/7 days a week so that we focus only of success and money. We can think of the enticements of red light districts that would cause lust and compromise. It’s easier to see those as causing a rushing away from God and we might be more prone to steer clear of them.
But have you ever been on a slow moving river. You could lean back and take a five minute nap or take a minute to get some sun. When you sit back up, you may have juked over to a different branch of the river you didn’t want to go or you’re in some place unfamiliar. There are sins that could cause the slow drift away from God. What started off with a nice smile and some small talk with a coworker could lead down the path of an affair, even if it’s only in the mind. Enjoying a particular good tasting alcoholic drink where you consistently keep having one more each time could lead to drunkenness. Being too busy on just the weekends to read God’s Word and pray could lead to being too busy when the school year starts and then going to God becomes a rare event.
The dift of a fast moving rapid is easier to see than the slow drift down the lazy river. Let us continually seek God at all times so that our boat is pointed upstream and we’re paddling against the flow.
(From 2015FEB15 – FTF-20 – What Happens When We Forget To Seek First The Rule Of God Over Our Life Each Day)