Married men, have you ever been in the situation where you are shopping with your wife and you get that dreaded question asked, “Will you hold my purse?” What’s the basis for her asking that of you? It’s that she trusts you and relies on you to keep it safe. How would you feel if your wife told you that she loves you but can’t depend on you?
What if your husband, wives, proclaimed his love for you but only came home once a week from work and would confide in you? What if your little children wouldn’t eat what you prepared because they’re not entirely sure there’s not poison in the food?
What happens when we give God just one hour or a couple minutes a day and still call Him “Lord”? Today, Pastor John Samuel Barnett, shows us from Scripture that God wants us to daily depend on Him. When we call Him “Lord” which should really mean it and understand the implications of who God is.
(From 2015MAR15 – FTF-22 – Give us This Day Our Daily Bread – Learning How To Invite God To Supply Me Through Life)