Psalm 142. Probably one of the scariest times of David’s life. He’s hiding in a cave and being chased by King Saul and his army. David knows that Saul is God’s anointed and so will not take action against him. David is at one of his lowest points. The first part of this Psalm describes just that level of forlornness.
David doesn’t rely on others for there is no one else there. He does not rely on himself because there is nothing he can do. He does not rely on luck because it doesn’t exist. He doesn’t rely on tactics or intelligence because the circumstances are completely against him.
He does cry out to the Lord; the Lord of time and space and circumstances and powers and kingdoms and providence. It is fully in YHWH God’s hands he commits himself. And we read further that his trust is not in vain.
Where is your hope and trust reside? Let it be in the Lord’s so that you “may give thanks to Your [God’s] name”.