The Old Testament book of Isaiah has been called “The Fifth Gospel”. Isaiah proclaims the truth of the pre-incarnate Christ as he has a direct, life altering encounter with Him (Isaiah 6). He goes on to talk about a Remnant of God’s Holy People that has an immediate application for Israel but then telescopes out to God’s future Church with Jesus Christ as the Head.
But Isaiah also has a strong message throughout his writings on the coming Prince of Peace, the Holy God, the Savior of the world. Today, Pastor John Samuel Barnett uses the Holy Land that Isaiah stood on and that hundreds of years later Jesus Christ would fulfill those words and stand on that same land as the incarnate God-Man. The illustrations that Isaiah speaks about, Pastor Barnett shows in his teaching today so that we can see what the people of Isaiah’s day, and Christ’s day would see as illustrations of the truth of the love of our holy and great God. Do you know this Savior? Do you proclaim and praise His love and truth?